Alternative Air Conditioner

Radiant air conditioning system

Another choice has become available. "THEAR" brings a new concept of air conditioning to our lives, and changes the future of our living space. Traditional air conditioner? or "THEAR"? Choose the solution that would most fit with your own living environment.

What's Radiant Air Conditioning?

Radiant air conditioning system transfers thermal energy by radiation; It's one of the three means of heat transfer amongst conduction, convection and radiation. Radiation transfers thermal energy directly to human bodies such that it creates indoor thermal condition that is substantially identical to the natural environment, and provides a feel of relaxation and heeling.


Beyond ordinary


We have been suffering from air conditioners' wind blowing. The wind-free air conditioning system "THEAR" relieves you from the stress of artificial winds, and promises comfortable and healthier lives.


With its natural structure that simply circulates water, "THEAR" operates noise-free. It releases you from air conditioners operating noises and annoying wind sounds with maximum operating sound of 16db. "As if you are in a midnight forest..."


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You would appreciate your new life with "THEAR", a joy of luxury and elegance that are irreplaceable. It gently wraps you with peace and relaxation.

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Why the BEST ?

The world's best performance facilitates your natural living environment with precise thermal control capability. It's light, thin and available in a wide variety of colors, satisfying various appetite of space design. With much consideration given to on-site installation, its configuration has become seamless. "THEAR" is an alternative air conditioning system in the next generation and proud of its sophistication in all respects.

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It began when engineers, who had worked at leading aluminum manufactures, got together to build a team with ambitions to make surprises. Ever since, their technological excellence and frontline-knowhow have been the core of DNA that constitutes this all-aluminum product "THEAR".

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