Why the Best?

World's Best

A New Preference

Radiant air conditioning system highly recognized by architects

The world's best performance facilitates natural living environment with precise thermal control capability. Its classy look is a consequence of our pursuit in simple design to be harmonized in living area. It's light, thin and available in a wide variety of colors, satisfying various appetite of space design. With much consideration given to on-site installation, its configuration has become seamless. "THEAR" is a radiant air conditioning system in the next generation, highly recognized by architects, and proud of its sophistication in all respects.

All Aluminium

All-aluminum structure makes it possible


Absolutely light as 3kg

Light enough to carry alone, minimizing risk of accidents and damaging building


Amazingly thin as 25mm

Skinny as if absorbed by wall, saving spaces and oppressive feelings

High Performance

Efficient and ecological

Aluminum boasts of exceptional thermal emittance, delivering outstanding performance

Thin, light and high performance…It’s got all that you need


Excellent designability

Architects and designers have accepted the way traditional air conditioners outstand in living spaces with no other choices. "THEAR" was produced by experts in varied fields and its simple design makes possible unlimited coordination in interior scenes.

Color Variation

Available in 20 color variations

It's available in 20 selective color variations. Panel surface can be chosen from two options: "paint-finish" with tender feel of paint film, or "alumite-finish" with brilliance of aluminum.

After Service

Making sure everything

One-on-one counseling

From first contact to aftercare, experienced staff will escort you.

Manufacturer warranty

10-year warranty can be extended to 15-years as an option.

High durability

Semi-permanent useful life has become true with special surface finish.


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