Business Customers

Business concept

"THEAR" lives up to various demands of professionals in the architectural industry with its high performance, quality, and a variety of sizes and colors. Business customers are not bound by sales channels or agency systems to introduce "THEAR" to their own customers.

Business customers include:

Designers: Architecture design offices / Facilities & space planning offices / Interior designers
Builders: Architecture offices / Developers
Sales Agents: Architecture offices / Housing manufacturers / Building material & equipment sales agents

Variety of sizes and colors

"THEAR" was produced by experts in varied fields, and is available in a variety of sizes and colors to satisfy various appetite of space design. Panel surface can be chosen from two options: "paint-finish" with tender feel of paint film, or "alumite-finish" with brilliance of aluminum. It's thin, light and easy to handle, making it possible to harmonize air conditioning unit with interior space.

Online purchase without sales agent registration fee

Any businesses wish to market THEAR can request a registration form online. We accept both mails and emails for the form submission. After an execution of basic transaction agreement, it can be marketed to customers. There will be no deposits or fees for the sales agent registration. You are free to introduce "THEAR" to your own customers with our catalog and instructions. Contact us for any inquiries. Delivery of the panel can be arranged for most domestic areas.

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One-on-one counseling

Considering "THEAR"? Please contact us via "Contact Us" or by phone. Experienced sales staff will respond in a day or two to walk you through from planning to actual installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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From planning to installation

  1. Calculate required capacity of the panel based on floor plan and design drawings of building. Square measure, height and facing direction of target room, and width of opening should be taken into consideration.
    *We have our own calculation formulas. Please contact us for detail.
  2. Make a provisional decision on the model and position based on layout and customer preferences.
    *Optimal position should be determined, considering performance and interior design.
  3. Calculate cost for peripherals.
    *We recommend heat pumps manufactured by CHOFU.
  4. Calculate a formal quote based on piping route, installation cost and other findings.
    *For renovations, sufficient planning should be made as there may be various structural limitations and conditions.
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About configuration

Installation Manual is available at the link below. The installation can be outsourced to your own contractors or to our recommended contractor. We welcome any consultations.
*Installation plan should be developed with a confirmation of expected delivery timing.

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About delivery

Except for some inventoried models, the manufacturing is BTO. We usually deliver within 45 days from order placement. However, as panels are manufactured one by one, we may require additional days in peak seasons and other special periods.

About payment terms

When opening an account with us through execution of the basic transaction agreement, payment terms are determined. We require whole payment up-front for first time business customers. After a remittance confirmation, we will take orders.

Reference materials

You can find key information for the installation in the following materials:

Download Installation Planning Manual > Installation Manual >

About after service

Please contact our Call Center at 03-6820-3912 for trouble-shooting. Please contact the building contractor for issues associated with installation. We appreciate your feedback after installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached anytime.

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About product warranty and periodic inspection

The panel comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Please confirm the terms when using your own contractor, including periodic inspections. We also provide a periodic inspection service. Please contact us for details.


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