World's best performance
Development trail

Story began with ambitions of engineers
from leading aluminum manufactures

It began when engineers, who had worked at leading aluminum manufactures, got together to build a team with ambitions to make surprises. Ever since, their technological excellence and frontline-knowhow have been the core of DNA that constitutes this all-aluminum product "THEAR".

"Radiant heating and cooling aluminum panel"
leveraging technologies of floor heating

One of the ideas for potential use of aluminum was to leverage the technologies of floor hearting for development of aluminum panels. Despite they expected extensive struggles, as the development would be from scratch, the team determined to tackle this project, considering the fact that radiant heat transfer has strong correlationship with aluminum attributes.

High performance gained through
advanced manufacturing technique

The struggle continued. Especially, the members were facing with various hurdles so much as they tried to persist with aluminum. However, with the knowhow they had accumulated and advanced manufacturing technique, the team finally completed the development of all-aluminum radiant heating and cooling panel "THEAR".

Competition with world manufacturers

Subsequent to multiple experiments, "THEAR" was officially introduced and it expanded the installation record with various types of facilities, when an opportunity arose. An offer came from a leading manufacturer of electron microscope to compete with world manufacturers for radiant heating and cooling system. It would be conducted in a room equipped with electron microscope that has 150,000,000x magnification and require prerequisites such as temperature stability of ±0.05℃/min. or less, operating sound of 60db or less, and wind speed of 0.1m/sec. or less. Stringent conditions.

"World's Best" designation through
a challenge against 0.05℃

Under these stringent conditions, "THEAR" demonstrated its superiority to score perfect in all evaluation points, such as efficiency, durability, installation operationability, design and price. It was the moment "THEAR" acquired the designation of "World's Best".


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